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Pioneer Tree Experts Ltd: Certified Arborist for the GTA

Established in 1945 and still a family run business, Pioneer Tree Experts has always been committed to saving trees. Like people, trees are alive and require attention, that’s why we care for your trees throughout their lifespan, from landscape planning to their eventual removal and replacement. Call us for more information or a free estimate .

Why Your Trees Deserve a Certified Arborist

Trees are vital to our well-being. They make our world more livable in countless ways. When cared for by the experts at Pioneer Tree Experts, trees enhance our lives, buildings and cities. Aside from restoring natural harmony, trees and shrubs benefit us by:

  • Cleaning the Air
  • Purifying the Water
  • Reducing Heating & Cooling Costs
  • Moderating Effects of the Sun, Wind, Rain & Soil Erosion
  • Increasing Property Value

Nurture Your Trees with Springtime Spraying & Fertilizing

Like all living things, trees need nutrients and protection from pests and disease. Your trees offer you so much all year, so why not show them a little extra love in the spring? With spraying and fertilizing from Pioneer Tree Experts, your trees will have an easier time fending off insects and disease. In return, they’ll reward you with shade in the summer and soften the wind’s bite in cooler months. Contact Pioneer Tree Experts and let us help your trees help you!

TLC for Your Tree

From time to time, our trees need a little extra help. The experts at Pioneer Tree Experts are committed to caring for trees and saving them whenever possible. As certified arborists, we are licensed for insect and disease control. We offer complete tree services .

Trees of All Sizes, Jobs of All Types

At Pioneer Tree Experts, we love to build relationships. Whether you are a homeowner or a property manager we’d like to get to know you and your unique needs. From large landscaping projects for condos to taking care of a small tree in your backyard, we can help.

References are available upon request.

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We offer tree removal, landscape design, stump grinding and shrub care services.

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